2020 OGEA Officer Elections

These are 2-year Executive Board positions beginning July 1, 2020 and Ending June 30, 2022
Voting will be conducted by electronic mail through third party


April 7 Announcement for open offices to all members

April 20 Declarations and Campaign Statements due by 5pm  

April 23 Acknowledgments sent to candidates   

April 27 Ballots prepared

April 29 Ballots distributed

April 30 Voting opens

May 11 Voting closes

May 12-13 Ballots counted

May 14 Announcement of election results

May 20 Challenges to election results due by 5pm (if no run-off)

May 20 Prepare run-off ballots

May 22 Distribute run-off ballots

May 24-27 Run-off voting

May 28-29 Ballot counting

June 1 Announcement of run-off election results

June 15 Challenges to election results due by 5pm

June 25 Determination of validity of challenge