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Indigo School


As a proud member of OGEA, and as a Pilipino American,  I am honored to have been elected President. I am a Unionist, teacher, and activist. I actively support our Oak Grove members and students to continue making strides forward to improve public education and our professions. I work to uphold our rights as educators. I endeavor to make progess in racial and social justice work through collaboration, education, activism, organizing and dialogue. 
Through my experience and work as a CTA State Council Delegate, I continue to engage in helping to create policy in the Civil Rights In Education Committee. I am also the Vice Chair of CTA's Pacific Asian American Caucus. 

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Ledesma Elementary

I have been teaching grade 4 , 5 and 6 for 18 years. I currently teach at Ledesma Elementary. It has been my honor to serve OGEA in the past as Parliamentarian, PIC Chair, Bargaining Team member and Grievance Team member. I have been the Bargaining Chair for the past 8 years and I now look forward to the additional challenge of Vice President. I believe that education is stronger when we have a seat at the table. OGEA Members are the experts, and our ideas and concerns need to be thoughtfully represented. 
United we bargain. Divided we beg.

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Baldwin Elementary

I am thrilled to be elected and serve as your OGEA Secretary. As a South Asian and a South San Jose native, I feel grateful to be working amongst a community I hold closely. Before joining OGSD, I received my B.A. from UC Berkeley and my M.A. and Multiple Subject Teaching Ceredential from Santa Clara University.
I currently teach second grade at Baldwin and served as Site Rep for two years. As the former LGBTQ+ COntact and a proud OGEA Member, I see the strength and capacity of our membership and as Secretary I convey that voice and vision for the common good.

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Bernal Intermediate

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Frost Elementary 

I am the OGEA Treasurer, wth 4 years experience in creating and implementing a sound financial budget for our members. I currently teach 1st grade at Frost Elementary, and have taught 6th grade in the past. I have been in OGSD for 8 years. My goal is to ensure that OGEA continues to be financially strong.