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OGEA Call to Action!

OGEA Call to Action!

Time to wear your Black Unity Shirts! The OGEA Organizing Chair has called for all OGEA members to wear their Black Unity Shirts on Wednesday August 10th to the Welcome Back Event at the Edenvale Community Center.

Time for ACTION!! WEAR YOUR BLACK TO THE WELCOME BACK. Did you know we are starting our year without a contract? We are going back to work and don't even know what our salary will be?!? Why hasn't the district settled?

● Comparable Districts near OGSD have received teacher raises despite declining enrollment. ● OGSD has an increase in Per Pupil Funding. ● OGSD has high class sizes for Santa Clara County.

  • OGSD offered one time money as a raise and want to link on-going money to a parcel tax.

  • OGEA doesn't feel your paycheck should be subject to the risk of a parcel tax.

● STRS will increase by 1% this year and will result in a decrease in your take home pay. ● Cost of South Bay Housing is skyrocketing. ● Common Core and Special Education Services have increased our workload.

Unity is power!! Remind your colleagues and look for emails with more details. We have stood together before and it worked!!! Let's do it again!!!

There is still time to order your unity black t-shirt intime for Wednesday. Order now and get it Tuesday August 9th by using the link here:

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