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OGEA @ the Welcome Back Event

OGEA @ the Welcome Back Event

Photo Credit: Ann Black @ Anderson

A great show of support from OGEA and the labor alliance! The sea of black Unity is Power shirts and our bright green flyers and stickers really made an impression at yesterday's welcome back event. Thank you to all who participated in wearing their tshirts and stickers proudly!

Below are the handouts given out at the welcome back event and

to new teachers at the BTSA training this week

Curbed Enthusiasts

Photo Credit: Brian Wheatley @ ETA

Marisa from East Side Teachers Association and Brian from Evergreen Teachers Association along with John Green (CTA staff) and Josie Carillo-Johnson (Past OGEA Pres) came to the rescue to distribute flyers and stickers on OGEA's behalf when we were told by the district it would be disruptive for us to do so. A big thank you to Brian, Marisa, Josie, and John for doing curb duty and engaging with our members and administration.

Thank you to Everyone for the Show of Support!

Thank you to all who helped distribute materials yesterday including reps, members of our executive board, bargaining team and organizing team. Please extend a thank you to a coworker who wore their shirt or their sticker proudly yesterday. Lets keep the good karma rolling!

Do you have pictures to share from the event? Share them on the facebook page or send them to to have them posted on the website at

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