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Election Results for OGSD

Election Results are coming in! OGEA Endorsed and supported a handful of issues and candidates on the ballot this November.

Prop 55 - Passes!

Prop 58 - Passes!

OGSD SB TA 1 - Mary Noel Wins! with 78% of the current vote

OGSD SB TA 4 - John Mackey Wins! with 69% of the current vote

Measure EE - Currently at 64%, 66.67% needed to pass

All of this was possible through the dedication of our Organizing Chair Lori Jo , PAC Chair Jennifer, and our team of volunteers: Maripaz Bob , Cheryl , Nancy , Mary , Lisa , Jolenta , Ken , Karen , Rebecca , Angela , Martha , Jennifer , Mindy , Allison , Nathan , Greg , Brett , Josie, and I know there are so many others that helped, and your spouses and family members too, and all our members that posted to FB, talked with parents, handed out fliers at your school sites, thank you, thank you, thank you!

With Prop 55 passing, we will see continued funding for our Public Education system as well as health care for our families who need it most. With Prop 58, the pathway to learning a second language will be easier than ever for our youngest and most impressionable students and I can see this having a positive impact on the culture of our students and families. With Mary Noel returning to her board seat we can ensure that our voice will be heard and an open line of communication maintained with our school board.

John Mackey’s election to the school board is a victory we need to be very proud of. John will be looking to us for support and input to make his decisions when he engages in meaningful discussion with our board. With John as an active teacher in the profession, he will have an accurate pulse of our students’ and teachers’ needs. John is our champion candidate, we have shown our community, district, and board that we are engaged and we are ready to make the positive changes our district needs to stay competitive. We will not stand idle, and we will grow restive as the passion for our profession will not be ignored. Now is the time for our voice to be heard. We must stay engaged in the discussion. The board needs our direction on Special Education, Enrollment, Recruitment and Retention of staff, appropriate curriculum and access to resources for our students and families. We have these opportunities because of the work we have done as a Union, as individual volunteers, and to our parents and community for engaging in the debate.

Measure EE is too close to call as I write this report. Should Measure EE pass, it will provide the needed relief in our district budget. Should Measure EE not pass, we must continue to advocate for our schools when we engage with our parents and community. The district may initiate a conversation on opening Article 15: Class Size under our recently negotiated contract language. It will be our responsibility to engage in this discussion and advocate for our needs to reach a mutual agreement.

In closing, we made significant investments in our future with the passing of Prop 55, 58 and electing John Mackey and Mary Noel to our school board. All of this was possible through the dedication of our Organizing Chair Lori Jo, PAC Chair Jennifer, and our team of volunteers.

The future is a bit brighter with these wins under our belt, but our work is not yet complete. Please stay connected as more information becomes available.

I am proud to be your President and I am Proud to be Oak Grove. Great work everyone!

In solidarity,

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA President

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