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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Hello Staff,

I hope you and your family and property were safe this weekend with the storm. Over the last week, a curriculum connections memo was sent out from ESD. There were some clarifications needed to reflect our newest contract language. An update was sent out by ESD that has the following corrections. I'd like to thank Andy and Maria for meeting with me and resolving the misunderstandings quickly and with ease.

  • Conferences are to be held for any student not showing growth on the common core standards. ESD would like to encourage all teachers to evaluate where their students are at and if they are below standard to meet with the parent to communicate any concern. Though this is different than our contract language, remember that phone conferences are an option.

  • Tuesday, January 10th is to be free of any site meetings to allow you to prepare report cards and conferences. Teachers who are off site that day with SEAL training or other obligations for the district will be dismissed at the time schools would be dismissed to allow those teachers to return to their room for this prep time.

  • A recent Curriculum Connections memo was sent out with a clerical error for the reporting form to indicate which students are at risk for retention. Please look for a correction to this form coming soon.

Thank you all for your patience and for being in communication with me, your site reps, and your principals about these discrepancies. It is our duty as OGEA members to ensure that our rights we negotiate are protected and clearly upheld. Thank you for your vigilance in seeing these communications through. Please remember our chain of communication should any disruptions with your contract be happening at your school sites: Speak to your Site-Rep and your Site Rep will communicate with your principal or with me if the discussion is escalating. Using this method allows for all of us to be on the same page with the most up to date information. I can be reached by email at and by phone 408-363-1646.

Thank you,

Happy Conferencing!

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA President

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