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A Valentine Message from your OGEA President

Happy Valentine's Day OGEA,

I have fond memories of Valentine's Day in my childhood classrooms here in Oak Grove. There was so much joy going around the class and the school giving acknowledgment to our friends and classmates...also all the chocolate and candies being shared. It is a nice time to reflect and to take pause and recognize our friends and loved ones. Thank you to all of you for your continued perseverance through this unusual school year. You continue to give your heart to your students and school mates on a daily basis despite the harsh political climate. It is so important for us to reach out today and always to say thank you to those that makes this job rewarding in its little ways. Let us keep working together to make our schools and classrooms the best they can be for our students and for ourselves by giving that little bit of love that makes the world go 'round. Thank you.

Here are a few updates on some of our union business:

* The budget advisory committee met for the last time and submitted our suggestions to Jose Manzo for review to take to the board. This information will be reported out on the March 9th board meeting. Our suggestions were made in a way to keep the impact of any cuts away from the classroom and focused on ways to generate revenue in the district. We also discussed retrying the parcel tax as well as other revenue generators.

*The district vision committee met yesterday and discussed how to promote our schools and find the positives in our daily activities with students to help all of us through our transitions in public education. We as a district are aware and processing our need to continue promoting the great work we do for all students in our community.

*The district will be researching more options for an early retirement incentive program. Updates will be shared at the March 9th board meeting. If you are interested in retirement or an early retirement program you can attend the workshop today 2/14 at the DO at 3:30. If you plan on retireing you will still be able to have access to the early retirement incentives despite the March 1st deadline to notify your intent to retire. More information when it becomes available.

*if you are interested in learning what you can do in response to DeVos appointment, there are plenty of resources on the website. Eric Heins, our CTA president has put out a statement linked here:

Thank you all for your work and dedicated service to your students and for your continued support. I have enjoyed getting out to the school sites and look forward to seeing more of you on a regular basis.

Happy Valentine's Day <3,

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA President

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