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Cesar Chavez Day and OGSD LCAP Input

Hello OGEA Membership,

Tomorrow is being recognized in OGSD and throughout the state and nation as Cesar Chavez Day. We take the day in observance of the organization he and Dolores Huerta did to form the National Farm Labor Association as well as their work with civil rights advocacy. "You are never strong enough that you don't need help." - CC. Our labor union that is Oak Grove Educators Association has been active and engaged in our current decisions with our district budget and negotiations this year. Through our ability as a union to communicate, organize, educate, and empower our membership, we are stronger together by standing up for each other and for our labor rights. Thank you to all of our members who continue to serve in OGEA and to the new members who have taken on new responsibilities in the union as site reps, committee members, and to members who have volunteered in union activities, spent time with a coworkers to listen and to learn from each other. You, the members, are the fabric of our union and of our district. I am so proud to be your leader and to guide us through these next few years. Our educators and support staff are resilient and care so deeply for our students, partners, and district. Thank you for the service you do in the betterment of our community, our district, and union.

In solidarity!

Additionally, I would like to remind us that we as community members, and employees of the district have the opportunity to give our input on our Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is the formula and priority system designed to allocate funding within our district as it matches with our target goals and objectives as a district. Our educator voice is needed to direct our budget to the systems and programs that best serve our students. There have been messages sent from our Bargaining Chair and Executive Board reminding you to take a moment to review the LCAP on the district website and to have a conversation with your Site Rep. In addition, there is time set on April 13th at 3:30 - 4:30 in the OGSD board room to provide your input on the LCAP survey as well. I encourage all members to be engaged in this activity either at your site with your rep, or to come prepared to April 13th's meeting to share your priorities on our district's goals and objectives. This has a major influence on our district budget allocation.

Please see the attached flyer about the LCAP meeting at OGSD for OGEA members.

Thank you,

Enjoy your Friday and weekend

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA President

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