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Welcome Back OGEA!

Welcome back OGEA!

OGEA is dedicated to the support of its members in ensuring your ability to deliver a quality education to all students. Over the summer, OGEA leadership attended multiple conferences and workshops in how to best support you in your classrooms and beyond. At one of our leadership retreats, OGEA officers and chairpersons set out to identify our top 5 goals for this year in addition to writing our mission statement.

OGEA's Mission:

Through unity of voice and democratic decision making, Oak Grove Educators Association works to unite our professional colleagues and support innovative instruction for the benefit of all students and the community. We advocate for, and are committed to, quality public education. To these ends we promote and defend the well-being and rights of our members and our children.

OGEA established 5 goals that we will be following through on this year:

  1. Member outreach through social and educational activities for chances for us to build relationships across our schools and members. Specifically, one-on-ones with new members and regular training and empowerment activities at Rep Council around member rights and contract enforcement.

  2. Visibility and access to our Officers for discussions and more regular opportunities for communication to and from OGEA by increasing our site visits and assistance in 10min meetings.

  3. Political Action Committee preparing for our upcoming parcel tax and school board campaigns in 2018.

  4. Bargaining Committee will be preparing for negotiations in 2018 with two openers, Evaluation Language and Compensation. Expect surveys and questionnaires around bargaining and the LCAP. We are currently looking for an additional bargaining member. Please contact me if you have an interest in serving on our bargaining team.

  5. Frequent and streamlined communication reports from board meetings, school consolidation committee, newsletter and social media outlets about current events and contract educational pieces.

Our website ( is up and running and you will find valuable resources including a digital copy of our contract, salary schedule, a calendar of meetings for our Rep Council meetings and more. We are continuing to utilize our Facebook group and encourage all members to participate. We will be posting our group expectations and guidelines on the page soon. Please visit the group (Oak Grove Educators Association) on Facebook to look for our new staff members at your site and welcome them to the Oak Grove Family.

OGEA has 1 - 3 site reps at each site. If your site has not yet elected your representatives please do so this week and email me with the results so that we can establish our communications network and begin to build a calendar of site visits where Dom and the other Officers can get out to you asap.

Our first Rep Council will be September 20th, 4pm at our office (4810 Harwood Rd, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95124). I understand this is a day of observance for some, please let me know if you are a Rep and will be unable to attend and I will ensure you a copy of all materials and follow up with you via email or phone. All OGEA members are welcome to attend our rep council meetings throughout the year. Rep Council includes training and educational activities as well as business being conducted by the representative body of the association. We invite all of our new members to join us on September 20th to meet your representative council and executive board as well as participate in our activities. Dinner, child care, and door prizes are provided.

On behalf of the executive board, we welcome all returning and new members to the Oak Grove Family. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.( Greet your fellow educators with open arms on Wednesday and your students with open hearts on Monday.

In Solidarity,

Dominic Rizzi

OGEA President

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