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The B-Team!

In 2016, an elite teacher unit was sent to the bargaining table by their union collective for a duty they were committed to. These teachers promptly prepared their negotiations and surveyed their members.Today, still bargaining a contract with the school district, they work as teachers of honor. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire ...The B-Team. Here is your Bargaining Team that you Support Today by wearing your black unity shirts and standing in solidarity!

While some of us lesson planned for this week, these teachers were preparing contract articles and doing research on comparative wages in nearby districts. While you were grading papers and sifting through curriculum, these teachers were scrolling through audited budgets from the district and looking at district proposals. Then, while you were looking forward to your Friday routine with your students, the B-Team wrote sub-plans while they were released to spend their entire day with the district bargaining team. The B-Team spent their Spring, Summer, and now heading into Fall...and they still meet the expectations of their students on the daily! These are your super-heroes... Thank you for standing with them today by wearing your shirts and sending in your survey results so that they can truly represent your needs at the bargaining table!

Three Cheers for the B-Team!

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