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Conferences are coming, know your rights

Know Your Contract The Benefits of OGEA Membership

Conferences -- Elementary School

Please review the following contract information, which was negotiated by OGEA, pertaining to the upcoming conferences:

  • Are you aware that NO District directed site meetings should take place during conference week? (Article 14.7.2)

  • Are you aware that January 17 can be used as a teacher work day to prepare report cards? (Article 14.10.2)

  • Are you aware that NO District site meetings should be scheduled on the Tuesday prior to conferences? This must be a professional duties day. (Article 14.10.2)

  • Are you aware that you are not required to meet with every student for winter parent conferences? (Article 14.10.2)

  • “If the unit member has evidence that a student is making progress on the Common Core State Standards, the unit member need not offer a Winter Parent Conference. For each student at risk of retention or not making progress on standards, the unit member shall offer a face-to-face parent conference. The District and OGEA encourage unit members to conduct Winter Parent Conferences via telephone.”

  • However, any parent who requests a conference should be offered one.

If your school site is in violation of any of the contractual language around conferences, please contact your OGEA rep immediately.

Junior High Meetings:

Are you aware that the Monday meetings have been cut from 10 down to a maximum of 6? Please make sure your site’s meeting schedule reflects this cut and inform your OGEA rep if it doesn’t. (Article 14.8.3)

Questions? Contact your OGEA President, Dominic Rizzi at or your OGEA Bargaining Chair, Bob Prola at

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